Monsanto Now Owns 90 Percent of the World’s Transgenic Crops

Popular Science just published a profile on agribusiness giant Monsanto, looking at the nitty gritty of how the company develops and produces its genetically modified seeds. Monsanto obviously has reasons to avoid the press; continued bans on its products by European countries and news of the company’s lawsuits against thousands of small farmers and antitrust problems with the government have certainly not endeared it to the public. Read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma or watch the Oscar-nominated Food Inc. and you’ll probably come away with the impression that Monsanto is run by Hitler and Satan’s illicit love child. Still, the company, worth an estimated $44 billion, dominates the marketplace, owning 90 percent of all transgenic crops in the world.

Monsanto begins the process by testing hundreds of plants and animals for desirable traits (in this case, omega-3 fatty acids for soybeans), inserting the desired traits via bacteria that trick the plant into accepting its genes, and testing each seed in one of the 108 climate-controlled chambers on the 1.5 million square-foot St. Louis campus.

A marvel of modern technology, yes. Monsanto promises crops with higher yields, resistance to disease and extra nutrients. These all sound like good things, but to get at the heart of why there is so much animosity directed at Monsanto, we have to head back to 1980 and the case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty. Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty was a genetic engineer at General Electric who tried to get a patent for bacteria that broke down crude oil. He was rebuffed by the Patent Office but won an appeal with the Supreme Court, which set the precedent that genetically modified organisms could indeed be patented.

So began Monsanto’s rise after starting as a chemical company that developed both DDT and Agent Orange. Monsanto developed seeds that were resistant to its weedkiller, Roundup. You could plant these seeds, spray the whole area with Roundup and your Monsanto-engineered plants would be the only things left standing.

That’s where we come to our second important court case, Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser. Percy Schmeiser is a Canadian farmer who was sued by Monsanto, who said he was planting its Roundup-resistant canola seeds illegally. Scheiser maintains that Monsanto’s seeds, widely used in the area, polluted his own seeds, resulting in a high concentration of Roundup-resistant canola plants on his farm. The implications of Monsanto’s successful lawsuit were huge. First, it showed that Monsanto could essentially randomly test any farm and if it found any of its genetically engineered plants growing, no matter how they got there, it could sue the farmer. It also put a spotlight on the stranglehold Monsanto had on farmers who could now no longer save their own seeds but rather had to buy new seeds every year from Monsanto, along with pesticides, weed killers and all of the other equipment that went with Monsanto’s very integrated crop program.

As Monsanto continues its global expansion, its private ownership over a huge percentage of the global crop supply has wide implications (see the video below). Say you’re a poor farmer in India or Africa. In the past, you have planted crops the way people have done it since agriculture was first discovered; planting seeds, harvesting crops and then saving the seeds for the next growing season.

All of a sudden, Monsanto owns nearly all of the seeds on the market. You have seeds of your own but TV ads are telling you can yield much more cotton with Monsanto’s seeds. All of a sudden, you are trying to grow seeds without the proper conditions to do so, using pesticides you weren’t using before and having to buy new seeds at the end of the year. Its easy to see how a poor, illiterate farmer in an undeveloped nation could all of  sudden find himself in a hopeless, indentured servitude to a comapany like Monsanto. And what if, like in Percy Schmeiser’s case, Monsanto’s seeds cross-pollinate and take over the majority of fields in the world? What if a handful of private companies, the biggest one by far being Monsanto, essentially owned every seed on Earth? In 100 years, could private companies own every kind genetically “superior” crop and farm animal, from fast-growing pigs to vitamin-enriched corn?

Questions like these aren’t too far-fetched. When we envision our ideal society, we have to think about these fundamental questions. Which areas of our life do we want privatized and which do we want to keep public? What is okay for companies to own and what is off limits? Earth’s population is estimated to hit 7 billion people this year. How do we feed all of these people if not through genetically engineered crops? The answer is probably that genetically altered crops will more or less be necessary, especially if the Earth’s population keeps growing. People have been breeding crops for certain traits since agriculture first started. Whether we want all of the world’s farmers beholden to a single corporation, however, is probably an easier question to answer.

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Photo: Kevin Lallier, Flickr, CC

About Keith Wagstaff

Keith Wagstaff is a journalist living in New York City. He received his degree in print journalism from the University of Southern California and his work has appeared in such publications as The Village Voice, Newsday, The Huffington Post, Kilimanjaro Arts Journal, The L Magazine and others.

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    1. A well known quote from George Santayana(who has a much longer Spanish name): Those who don’t learn from their history are doomed to repeat it.
      *As an Irish American, I am painfully aware of The Great Potato Famine of 1845-1861 when for 6yrs. In a, row Ireland’s main crop of Lumpur potatoes failed due to a blight caused by mold in the water. 1 million immigrated and 1 million died. The death toll was caused by the famine and the dependence on an occupying country that exported tons of food from Ireland during the food crisis.
      * There are 4, 000 varieties of potatoes, 3,800 alone come from Peru which is where the Lumper originated. Some of these varieties are resistant or not effected by the type of mold that caused the Irish Famine.
      * If the Irish Farmers had had the ability to diversify their potato crops, it would have saved countless lives!
      This is only one example. All living things need diverse genes to thrive. Our mainstreaming crops to become more uniform in yield, appearance, and flavor is a death sentence to the world’s population.

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      1. When working with retinoid products, utilize a skinny layer of cream or gel to skin before sleep – ideally twenty to thirty minutes after washing your face.

        1. I have had a current breakout of acne which has helped subdue it and handle it.
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      1. In summary, determine the trigger to reduce your treatment search, adhere
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    2. Individuals with sensitive skin may choose to consult
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          it decreasing the size of a pimple, but when you operate your fingers
          over it there is however a bundle there).

          1. What can I actually do about significant acne function club & nutraderm are oil-free and hypo-allergic they contain no perfumes and so are perfect for both males and women.Those
            Lysine and zinc gluconate contaminants Healthcare Introduction Medicine Launch Medicine
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          2. The downside of the is the fact that you could wind up until you reach menopause or andropause so
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      1. Hormonal imbalance: Tenderness or higher an imbalance in the female hormone oestrogen, or production of
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      2. In case you are today undoubtedly established to minimize and handle
        the current presence of dark skin patches on your own skin and achieve/retain a straight appearance
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        be a continuous activity before marks are eliminated AND, alongside the procedure to disappear the black skin, sunscreen can be used consistently.

    2. Due to progression in technological research, experts have discovered the normal ingredients to securely and effortlessly disappear these
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    3. When utilizing retinoid items, apply a skinny layer of serum or treatment before sleep to skin – essentially twenty
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      1. BHA, or salicylic acid, can be used to take care of
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        2. Aspects that will bring about skin challenge embrace emission cycles, secretion imbalance, inheritance, oily
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        2. Until they achieve clear skin, females will most likely hide pimples,
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        1. You can purchase such over the counter products but I would highly recommend acquiring often fresh aloe vera gel
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      2. The disadvantage with this is the fact that you may find yourself until you reach
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      1. Alternative solutions for acne concentrate on self
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      1. Acne in the United States’ strong price is projected to exceed $1-billion per year, with $100 million spent on over-the- counter products.

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      1. Symptoms may include white or orange spots of pus on the tonsils a sore
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        stay in the back of the mouth and are the main Address Adult Acne (2).

    4. Typically a dermatologist may determine an individual with hormonal acne to clean their face
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      1. Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation is darkened skin following some form of damage or upheaval for the skin, a few examples being burns, attacks,
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    2. A review of the SkinPen skin-treatment below including an explanation of microneedling, how-to realize if you are an excellent prospect, anticipated benefits, and possible negative effects.

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    2. People who have all forms of acne have already used this type of acne remedies
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      1. If none of the material overthecounter works (in my opinion, benzoyl peroxide
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      1. Professionally, I-donot actually utilize these as area solutions,
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        one benzyol peroxide and one salicylic acid.

    1. While this oil is unable to attain the top of your skin as a result of skin pores being plugged both due to the extra gas, dead cells or dust,
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    2. Distilled in the leaves of an Australian plant, tea tree
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      1. It has been proven to result in defects at dry and broke lips
        birth and also dysfunction of the liver, and hence it’s vital ahead of starting any therapy with-it yourself to talk to your personal doctor.

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